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It could be argued that urban living - being in or near the city offers many advantages. From vibrant, stimulating cultural activities and endless opportunities to dine out. To job opportunities, educational and leisure facilities. And with public transportation near by, it can be easier to get around and explore your surroundings regularly.

Many parts of Bristol 

What areas in Bristol could be classified as 'urban'? It could simply be argued that those parts of the city that aren't suburban might fit the bill.

The city centre is a given, extending over to Bedminster, Southville, and reaching Gloucester road via Stokes Croft, St. Pauls, and Montpelier. These areas are likely candidates, given their diversity, vibrancy, and abundance of independent local shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

They also enjoy parks and a wide range of amenities for families, which are not typically associated with suburban areas.

Bristol excels in its urban offerings. In fact, a significant part of Bristol is 'urban', and it's all the richer for it.

In the city
Urban homes
If it's not suburban, then perhaps it's urban. Bristol offers the best kind of city living for singles, families and everyone in between.
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