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Ocean Land & New Homes

We've partnered with some of Bristol's most successful developments, creating new communities and helping 100's of buyers find their perfect homes.

From just 2 or 3 apartments, to a whole new neighbourhood – whatever size your development we'll help you make it a success.

Development partners

We work with everyone from first time developers to national home builders, and we can get involved at any stage of your project.

Acquiring a plot, planning the scheme, getting permission, branding and marketing your homes, and of course finding the perfect buyers.

We sell homes, not units

We understand the excitement and anticipation people experience when buying a brand new home and imagining their life in it.

We make the whole process of reserving, completing and moving in as easy and simple as possible – looking after your buyers every step of the way.

Our latest developments

What can we do for you?

Whatever development you're planning, we can help you find the perfect plot or property – we have the local expertise in land searches to home in on exactly the right site. 

Our dedicated team understand the complexities involved in land sales. We work alongside experienced professionals including solicitors and consultants to advise on; appraisals and valuations, negotiations of options and additional contracts, as well as development viability and land assembly. 

Our experience ranges from acquiring land across eight different back gardens in a Bristol suburb, to the purchase of a prestigious land-mark building in the heart of Clifton. We can give you a significant advantage, right from the start of your development. 

Site appraisal and design advice 

We have a over 65 years' experience advising on sites - from an initial assessment of whether a site is 'developable', to pricing and the best mix of properties, all backed up with the latest market data. 

We also work closely with designers and architects, to maximise saleability and profit.

Planning and public consultation 

We can advise on how best to satisfy the demands of the planners and the market, introduce you to planning consultants we trust and have worked with for many years, and we can guide you through and represent you at, public consultations.

It's all part of our commitment to helping every client get the very best from every development.  

One of the most important aspects of your development is how it's presented to your potential buyers.

If you need a brand creating for your development, we have experience in working with designers on branding for developments, including logo, brochure and website design. We know exactly what makes a development appeal visually to different buyer groups.

We can also help you organise Computer Generated Images (CGIs) and a show home – to bring your project to life and inspire your buyers.

We have a list of trusted suppliers, who we would be happy to put you in touch with.

Even the best development won't sell itself. Creating excitement and making sure the right people know about your development, is not an optional extra – it's fundamental to your success, and an integral part of the service we provide. 

Creating a buzz

Our team will take care of all your marketing, advertising and PR, as well as planning and hosting a superb launch event. We're also experts, in setting up and running on-site marketing suites.

We use the power of our trusted and recognised Bristol brand along with our 10 sales offices covering the whole of the city and beyond, to make sure your development is seen by the buyers most likely to snap up one

Our marketing mix includes

  • Site hoardings and banners 
  • Marketing suite design 
  • Bespoke microsites
  • Advertising, (print and digital)
  • Rightmove and Zoopla
  • Social media 
  • Direct mail 

Staying power

The launch phase of any development is critical. But it's crucial to maintain the excitement levels in the longer term - through impactful ongoing marketing. We'll keep your development in the spotlight, for as long as it takes to achieve all your sales objectives. 

Once we've attracted a great selection of potential buyers, our job is to make sure they snap your homes up.

Our dedicated New Homes sales team, know exactly how to give buyers confidence in your development and help them make the decision of which home is right for them – especially if they are buying off plan.

And once they've reserved their new home, we look after them and keep them up to date all the way to completion, to minimise the risk of last minute nerves and fall throughs.

And we don't stop until every last home in your development has been sold.

Our clients
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