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Tenant Fees

Fair and transparent fees.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Every effort has been made to ensure that you are given correct information about the property for which you are making an application.

However, we must ask that if there is any aspect of the property that you are unsure about, you advise us in the first instance. Unless stated the property will be unfurnished (some white goods may be available, please check).

If the property is empty at the time you viewed and unless stated this will be the condition that the property will be made available to you at the start of your tenancy. If you have a pet, caravan or any type of commercial vehicle, landlord approval will be required.

The agreement will be in the main an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for an initial period as agreed.

Both tenant(s) and landlord(s) are expected to adhere to the terms of the agreement without exception. Sample copies of the agreement are available for your perusal.

We use an external referencing company called The Letting Hub.

The application is submitted online directly to Equifax’s data bureau and will instantly gain up to date, comprehensive information on the tenant or guarantor. The validation of the tenant’s specific references (employer/income provider and previous landlord if appropriate) will follow – all referees are contacted directly.

An accountant reference will be requested if the tenant or guarantor is self-employed. This is normally completed within a 48-72 hour period, subject to the referees responding.

In the case where a guarantor is required for a tenancy, the guarantor must be aware that they will need to sign a guarantee declaration and be joint and severally liable for the tenancy. This will include the payment of rent and any other terms set out in the agreement in the event that the tenant(s) do not meet their obligations.

Initially, there will be a lot of activity during the processing of referencing via ourselves and The Letting Hub.

We then work on a priority system of processing the confirmation letters etc. so we work on tenancies that are starting sooner than the tenancies moving in later on.

So in some cases, you might not hear from us for a few weeks, however, please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have and we will endeavour to answer them as quickly as possible.

As the tenant, you are liable for all services connected to the property (unless notified) and it is your responsibility to advise them of your details upon commencement of the tenancy.

The agent cannot guarantee that a telephone service is connected at the property, so you will need to make your enquiries.

Permitted payments

  • Payment of £50 including VAT if you want to amend the tenancy agreement.
  • Payment of interest for the late payment of rent at a rate of 3% above the Bank of England’s base rate.
  • Payment of the invoice cost for the reasonably incurred costs for the loss of keys/security devices.
  • Payment of any unpaid rent and other reasonable costs associated with your early termination of the tenancy that the landlord would incur for re-marketing

Terms And Conditions

The holding deposit that has been paid by the Applicant(s) in relation to the Rental Property.

It is agreed between the Applicant(s) and Agent that the Holding Deposit can be held for a maximum of 90 calendar days or until the commencement of the assured shorthold tenancy, whichever happens first.

Where an assured shorthold tenancy has been agreed, the Applicant(s) and Payee (if applicable) agree that the Holding Deposit can be used for part payment of the first month’s rent required under the assured shorthold tenancy.

The Agent can deduct and retain from the Holding Deposit for any of the following reasons if an assured shorthold tenancy cannot proceed:

1. If the Applicant(s) has provided false or misleading information, which is sufficient enough to prevent them from being granted an assured shorthold tenancy.

2. If the Applicant(s) are unable to take up occupation of the property under an assured shorthold tenancy because of their immigration status under Section 21 of The Immigration Act 2014 (persons disqualified)

3. If the Applicant notifies the Agent before the end of 90 days from the signing of this Holding Deposit Form or before the commencement of the assured shorthold tenancy, whichever comes first, that they no longer wish to proceed with the tenancy.