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A quick guide

Selling your home

We’ve outlined the process of selling your home, from putting it on the market, and viewings, to completing the sale.

The selling process.

Selling a property can be stressful, especially when it's your family home, and sometimes it can get a little emotional. Understanding each step of the process will help you know what to expect and reduce worry if there's any delays or issues.

Get in touch with your local Ocean office if you have any questions or concerns, we'll be happy to help.


It's essential to set a realistic and accurate asking price. This will be based on many factors, including the local market, what makes your home special, and how it compares to recently sold, similar properties nearby.

This is where a truly local estate agent is invaluable. 

Your local Ocean office can provide a free, no obligation appraisal and advise on the best achievable selling price. 

Once you choose an agent, they will discuss marketing, learn more about the property, photograph, measure up, and ensure you’re happy to begin viewings.

It's a good idea to get quotes for your conveyancing at this point – for when an offer is made and you need to move quickly. Ocean Conveyancing offer a complete and competitive service. Get a quote.

Your estate agent will advise on preparing your home for sale to get it looking at its best.

Ocean uses a range of marketing tools to generate serious and qualified interest in your property. We attend all viewings and talk you through any feedback that the viewer gives.

All offers from buyers will be made through your agent, who will negotiate on your instruction to achieve the best price possible.

If you accept an offer, your home is then ‘sold subject to contract’ (SSTC) and will usually be taken off the market.

The agreed price will be confirmed in writing to both parties, but there’s no legal obligation to complete the sale until the contracts are signed.

To avoid delays, you should appoint your chosen property lawyer, at this point.

Ocean Conveyancing can provide a complete and competitive service, and you can get an instant quote.

If the buyer has commissioned a survey on the property, it will be made at this point.

If the survey indicates any issues the buyer was not aware of, they may wish to renegotiate the terms or price. Your estate agent will negotiate any revised sale conditions on your behalf.

Your property lawyer will respond to any enquiries raised by the buyer’s legal team and prepare the contracts for the transaction.

The legally binding part of the process. Once the buyer and seller and solicitors/conveyancers are satisfied that everything is in order, the buyer pays the deposit (usually 10%), and contracts are exchanged.

A completion date is agreed – both parties are now legally bound to complete the sale.

Usually the moving out day. Your estate agent will hand over the keys to the buyer once your conveyancer has confirmation all money has been paid for the property.

The whole process is finished and your home now belongs to its new owners, hopefully everything went smoothly and wasn't too stressful!

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