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Portishead Sales

43 High Street, Portishead, BS20 6AA

We help home movers in Portishead, Easton-in-Gordano, Clapton-in-Gordano, Weston-in-Gordano, Portbury, Pill, and Ham Green.

We’re open...









08:45 - 18.00

08:45 - 18.00

08:45 - 18.00

08:45 - 18.00

08:45 - 18.00

09.00 - 16.30

We're easy to find on the High Street amongst the local businesses. We have customer parking directly beside the office, so it’s easy to pop in and meet the team to discuss you home move.

How can we help?

We opened in 2015. If you have any questions about selling your home, or houses and apartments for sale in Portishead, the Marina and other local neighbourhoods, our team has unrivalled experience. 

Our Portishead Sales team...

Paul Delaney

Sales Manager

Jack Thayer

Assistant Sales Manager

Matthew Lennon

Senior Sales Negotiator

Charlotte Cooper

Move Manager

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Our Portishead Sales team...

Tom Windaybank

Sales Manager

Stefan Bates

Assistant Sales Manager