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Having been in Southville for over 30 years and witnessing so much positive change, we’ve enjoyed watching North Street become the modern, vibrant, exciting community high Street it is today. So, we felt it was high time we stepped up our game too, we wanted to offer an interesting local Ocean branch for everybody.

What’s more, our very busy teams of sales and letting agents, mortgage advisor and conveyancing team deserved a working environment worthy of their hard work and commitment.
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We have completely reconfigured the space introducing collaborative workstations for each team with more space for each team member to complete their day-to-day tasks, keep in touch with their clients and do what they do! We also introduced 4 fully glazed semi-private offices. There are bench desks for customer consultation and a waiting area should you be visiting us for a meeting.

wellbeing at work
A very important consideration was our team’s wellbeing, wanting to ensure optimum environment control not only meant a complete reappraisal of central heating and ventilation (as well as energy providers as part of our sustainability policy), but the introduction of a living wall and plants throughout the office.

Whilst we must admit we love the look and feel of this feature it does have many benefits. It helps generate oxygen, remove air pollutants, regulate temperature, reduce noise, and they are said to increase productivity (we don’t really need that benefit but good to know!).

exterior signage
We’ve also updated our exterior signage and window displays and really hope we’ve positively added to the eclectic, interesting streetscape. As an Independent Bristol company of over 35 years, it is a matter of policy that we positively contribute to the local communities we are part of, we hope in some small way we have with our refurbishment, pop in and let us know if we’ve succeeded! 

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