Tenant fees: clear about the costs of renting through Ocean

Ocean lettings & management

High quality rental properties in Bristol don't come cheap these days, so it's important to be clear about the various costs and fees associated with your tenancy, when you rent through Ocean lettings & management. 

You'll find details of all Tenant Fees here, together with more information on other boring-but-important aspects of renting, such as references and guarantor declarations (where applicable).

Something else you may be interested to know - Ocean is a member of SAFEagent, a Client Money Protection scheme that ensures each of its registered agents are complying to the strictest codes of practice surrounding holding clients’ money.

A Client Money Protection scheme like SAFEagent gives landlords and tenants peace of mind that their money is in safe hands and that the agent can't do anything with their money that they shouldn’t.

Click here for ARLA client money protection certification 












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