Your Ocean Move Manager: always there to keep things moving

Ocean Estate Agents

Once you've accepted an offer, there’s a lot to do before you can complete on the sale. Your Ocean Move Manager is personally responsible for keeping things moving, and making sure you are never left in the dark.

They will help, advise, and - if necessary - chivvy along your buyer, as well as speaking to their mortgage advisor, and surveyor.

Your Move Manager will certainly be in regular contact with your property lawyer (which is especially easy if you have chosen Ocean property lawyers). And they will also check in with your buyer’s conveyancer...not always easy, but tenacity is a job requirement. Another important task will be talking to estate agents throughout the chain if indeed your buyer has a buyer or the sellers of your next home are buying. Wherever they may be in the country, your Move Manager will want to check on their progress.

If there are contractors involved - roofers, electricians, plumbers, and so on, your Move Manager will arrange access and monitor their progress, saving you time and hassle.

And, throughout the process, they will be constantly on the look-out for the kind of pitfalls and problems that can cause delays or worse, scupper a sale. Advising you at every stage, keeping your case file up-to-date and helping to preserve your peace of mind.

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