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'Spring Clean', one of our favourite cliches

A look at a couple of the common jobs we can all do to get our homes ready for Spring

Did you know that Spring always starts on 1st March? the meteorological Spring anyway. Arguably it's a collective state of mind driven by the prevailing winds, the arrival of daffodils and when Easter actually is this year. How ever we decide it is Spring one thing is for sure, the old cliche is true - your home may need a bit of a clean!

Spring is a great time to deep clean the darker corners and surfaces obscured by the dim light of winter, perhaps reduce the clutter, and even take on those nagging jobs like cleaning window frames and skirting boards, defrosting the freezer, and making good on those minor repairs. 

A deep clean, well deeper than usual.

We all have some areas and spaces about the home we choose to overlook day to day. From dusting the higher corners behind the sofa for cobwebs, wiping down the window blinds, to the inevitable areas of the bathroom that require our attention. Not sure where to start? it doesn't need to be overwhelming or too time-consuming, write a list of all that needs to be done, prioritise and plan when it can all be done, schedule it, easy!  Take it room by room and it will be done in no time, but remember, under, over and behind. Dust, wash and clean whatever needs to be done to ensure everything is feeling fresh and ready for the warmer, brighter months to come. 

Declutter, the wardrobes at least!

We have written a whole blog on the wonder of decluttering so click here if you need to take this on in a big way. But maybe you need a switch around and reorganise your clothes for the Spring (and summer) season. Sort through the coats and sweaters you didn't wear and should probably give away (again, see our declutter blog). But, there are also those favourites that just need to go into a box and store safely under the bed or in the loft until later in the year.

Organise your under-sink cupboard

Often overlooked, do you really know what cleaning products are at the back? Start by taking everything out grouping similar items together, inevitably they'll be half-used bottles of sprays that can be consolidated. And even cleaning products have expiry dates! get them into the recycling. Once this is done choose the best for your newly sorted products to give the cupboard a thorough clean. Now for your organisational skills, how to put everything back so that it's easily accessible (controllable)? giving everything its proper place will be oddly satisfying. Perhaps invest in some fit for purpose storage boxes or baskets, no doubt Ikea has something perfect for the job. 

Refresh your workspace

In many ways similar to above, but on a larger scale. Many of us are now working from home either full time or for a few days a week, have you seriously cleaned your workspace since this radical lifestyle change? Now is the perfect time to refresh your workspace for Spring. There are other blogs from the experts on choosing the best desk, chair and equipment of course, but cleaning, dusting, wiping and organising just as we've mentioned will help ensure your home office is comfortable, functional and ready for the new season. 

Defrost your freezer

A bigger job that does require a degree of planning. Freezers will certainly be energy inefficient when they are frosted up with ice though, an excessive build-up of ice means your appliance needs to work much harder to keep your food frozen. We did a bit of research and took the advice of the experts at Beko for this Spring clean task. They recommend defrosting it twice a year or when a frost layer of around 7mm has formed, 'the importance of keeping your freezer clean and ice-free cannot be overstated,' they say, 'by defrosting your freezer, you can free up more space for your groceries, whilst also ensuring that your freezer is running at maximum efficiency.' Here's how to easily defrost your freezer:

1. Turn your freezer off and unplug it at the wall. To prevent food from thawing, place items in insulated cool bags.
2. Remove all drawers and shelves. Place hot water (in bowls or glasses) inside your freezer, making sure you have plenty of towels and a suitable container for the water that will be created from thawing ice.
3. Whilst the freezer is defrosting, quickly clean the appliance's interior using a damp cloth. Before turning your freezer back on, make sure to dry the interior. This will prevent ice build-up when the appliance is turned back on.
4. Switch your appliance on and wait for the temperature to return, this may take a number of hours. Refill with the frozen food, but you may need to do some extra cooking today - make sure to use any defrosted food. 

And now you've successfully defrosted, cleaned and restocked the freezer you know it makes sense to do the fridge too! this time it will be a breeze, no moping up, a quick empty and clean. But we all know there will be a multitude of jars and half-full bottles to sort through. Now for the microwave, one small tip for this appliance, don't use bleach, it can weaken the interior plastic.

Add colour and scent with Spring flowers

Bring Spring into your home with some fresh flowers. Magnolias, Tulips, Wisteria or a handful of Daffodils from the garden. Now is the time to pay a visit to the local florist, Spring is the perfect time. You could treat yourself and your home to a Spring wreath. And for those who suffer from allergies, hay fever, go for pollen-free artificial blooms instead. Why should you miss out? A little research tells us that classic spring notes include lemon, bergamot and mandarin, while floral scents like iris, jasmine and rose.

Garden furniture

Whilst it might still be too cold for alfresco dining you may want to put on your big favourite jumper, and sit outside with a hot drink as the days begin to start earlier and end later. How about giving your garden chairs and table a good clean, maybe a fresh coat of paint. And get those outdoor lights, lanterns and other decorative items arranged to create a cosy outdoor sitting space. 

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