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Fences & decking and the garage door, we talk paint!

Improving your kerb appeal prior to putting your property on the market is advisable. 

But even if you're not planning on a move anytime soon, good looking fencing and woodwork will enhance your garden. We've taken a look at the best paints (or treatments) for the job!

Garden fences may need to be painted every couple of years or so, as weather and other factors can chip away the paint and spoil not just their appearance but eventually the wood itself. We've been advised that the best paint for the job is Latex Fence Paint, it protects fencing extremely well and costs around £5 to £15 per litre. The benefits of using latex or acrylic fence paint is that the acrylic material acts as a moisture barrier to protect your fences from becoming damp and prevents rotting. In comparison to other paint types, acrylic paint is also much more flexible so it can accommodate when your fences start to contract and move in the summer months. But, if you have a lot of fence panels, you will need more than regular exterior wood paint, as it requires multiple layers to maintain good consistency while also making sure it looks good.

Exterior wood paint

Designed for all timber fencing to ensure that it has a long lifespan. This type of paint costs around £0.50 to £25 per litre. Investing in the best paint for wood you can will ensure that your fences are easy to clean, and it will also hide any imperfections. It will also protect your fences from the elements as any rotting issues. The problem with wood paint is that it can trap moisture that causes the timber to contract which can result in the paint flaking off after a while. Your fences may also be harder to maintain and may need to be painted regularly.

Whilst we're out in the garden, what about the decking?

Garden decking is a great, cost-effective addition to any garden; however, it does need to be painted regularly to maintain its appearance. To help you enhance the look of your decking, you should consider Anti-slip Paint. It's is normally made up of epoxy resin which is the perfect protective coating for garden decking. The cost of anti-slip decking paint is around £4 to £8 per litre. The obvious advantage of choosing anti-slip decking paint is that it can make your decking safer with its resistant surface. But by applying this paint, you can also extend the lifespan of your decking, as it will provide superior protection against damage. That said, according to the advice we've been given Anti-slip paint has a shorter lifespan to some alternatives, especially if the decking is not prepared properly. It is also time-consuming to apply anti-slip paint.

An alternative is Decking Oil, it is used to penetrate timber decking which allows it to protect the wood from the inside. The average cost of decking oil is normally £8 to £16 per litre. Decking oil is water-resistant so it prevents any damp from damaging your decking when hosing or during heavy rainfall. The majority of decking stains also feature UV protection, so it prevents damage from the sun’s rays. Most decking oils are not suitable for exotic hardwood decking (you'll know if you have exotic decking we trust :)) as they are oily and grainy woods which are not compatible with further oil being added to its surface. The colour you buy may also differ to what it looks like on the tin, as decking oil tends to change colour once it is applied and cured. Make sure you do a good test before committing. 

And there's Decking Stain.

It is similar to varnish which lays on top of the surface to protect the decking. The price of decking stain is usually around £8 to £12 per litre. Adding decking stain will provide a shielding surface layer which will ensure that your decking is fully protected and highly durable. Unlike decking oil, you can actually change the colour of your decking and there are a variety of different shades available. However beware, if the seal is broken on the decking stain layer, then this can cause it to flake off and allow moisture to penetrate the timber. It is also hard to install on top of oiled decking, as this will prevent the decking stain from sticking properly we're told.

And how about a garage door?

If your garage door is looking worse for wear, then you may want to consider repainting it. Before doing this, you need to choose a paint that is right for your garage door - 

If you have a metal garage door, then one of the best options is Galvanized Metal Paint which will look great and prolong your garage door’s lifespan. The average cost of metal paint is around £12 to £50 for a litre. Galvanized metal paint is ideal for garage doors, as its temperature-resistant which means it is not affected by UV rays or frost. If you have any damage on your garage door, such as rusting, then metal paint can easily cover this up without making any repairs. Just be aware that the application process for metal paint can be quite difficult as the majority of metal paint solutions are thick, which means it will take a lot longer to paint your garage door.
Of course, if you have a wooden garage door then refer to above.

Further tips to prepare your home for sale