What to do with your utilities when moving home

So you’ve finally found the right property, had you're offer accepted, arranged your mortgage and instructed your conveyancer. After much anticipation and not a little waiting it's finally time to start packing up your home to move.

utilities bills
But, what about the bills? What to do about your current utility providers? and what about the services at the new property? At Ocean we'll do our best to provide you with these details, but is the current provider the one you want? how do you finalise your current utilities? and what about all of your other memberships etc.?

It’s always been one of the more complicated aspects of moving that isn’t readily explained. So we’ve broken it down into easy-to-understand steps, the bad news is that the process is still pretty time-consuming, often involving multiple emails or worse still - phone calls and horrible hold music.

Well here's what you need to do

1. Inform your current utility suppliers

At the very least
•  Your water supplier (regardless of whether you have a water meter or not)
•  Your gas & electricity supplier(s)
•  Your local council (for both council tax & the electoral roll)

But remember there's also you're broadband, insurance companies, gym memberships and so on. 

2. Take meter readings on move-out day

Your gas & electricity supplier(s) will need final readings from you which should be taken on the day you move out - if you have a smart meter, do not take it with you! Your water company will also need a reading if you have a meter. Without these, they will charge you at an estimated rate, not ideal.

3. Identify who supplies your new home

Unfortunately, your new water company & council aren’t optional, they are geographical and can be identified with some digging online.

In terms of your new energy supplier, you’ll be placed on an automatic contract with whoever currently supplies that address. You can only change energy suppliers from the day you become legally responsible for the property. Even if you have planned to switch to another provider, everyone must pay at least 1 bill to the original supplier, as switching takes up to 21 days no matter who you are with.

4. Take meter readings on move-in day

Your new energy supplier & water supplier (meter dependent) will need initial readings on the day you move in. If you’re unsure if the water is metered, you’ll know soon enough as unmetered properties are billed upfront at a fixed cost.
Transfer my bills

Too much hassle?

If that all sounds like one big stress you’d rather not have to deal with, and at Ocean we recommend our home movers not to - because you have plenty of other things to focus on. There are service providers who can help, we work with TransferMyBills 

TransferMyBills will notify all of your current providers whilst helping you set up great deals on services for your new home such as Energy, Home Insurance, TV and Broadband. And best of all they do all of this completely free of charge! (otherwise, we wouldn't be recommending)

To find out more about TransferMyBills & how they can take the stress out of your move, here's that link again -  TransferMyBills 



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