Preparing your home for sale - Video marketing

At Ocean, we're very happy to offer video as part of our property marketing portfolio.

Whilst the principles discussed in our blogs ‘Preparing you home for sale’ & ‘De-clutter to move’ will prepare any property for video, there are a few extra preparations to make before filming.

In and out

Consider the entrance and exit, we’ve mentioned the importance of kerb appeal but do ensure the immediate area approaching the front door, and crossing the threshold into the entrance lobby or hallway is as appealing as possible. The kid’s wellies will add character and atmosphere for a family home, dad’s muddy boots less so. And we’ll film walking out to the garden, consider what's the best route? The back door or onto the patio through the French doors? What will the viewer see as soon as they step outside? If you have a driveway leave it clear for filming the approach, no need to see parked cars just the parking space.
French doors

Light & Lighting

We will always optimise the lighting in the room when taking photographs, but for a video tour, we need to consider every room, hallways and all nooks & crannies. Pull the curtains right back and the blinds up as far as they'll go to allow the maximum of light to flood all rooms. For any darker rooms and spaces, turn the lights on to help brighten them up. Consider the placement of floor & sidelights too, oh and check all of the bulbs are working.


Leave doors open. This is a great way to let light into hallways and darker areas of your home. But importantly, keeping doors wide open means we can easily manoeuvre around the property, allowing for a natural ‘walk-thru’ flowing style to filming. 
let light into hallways

Map a route

A nice flowing movement around the house, to represent easily walking about the home is what we hope to achieve, make sure all walkways are clear for filming and viewings. 


Make sure all of the beds are made and look inviting. We may have only taken pictures of the master bedroom, but for video tours, we may step into more, possibly all rooms. No need to re-decorate, just plump up pillows and cushions and put a throw over the end of the bed for added cosiness. 
blue and white bedroom

Spare rooms

What has been spare for you may be an essential extra room for your buyer, whilst it's a room we didn't photograph we may like to film it. As discussed in previous blogs, pack it up, sell or recycle so that we can show a room with huge potential. Will it be a home office, playroom or gym?

Personality or personal 

We will walk in and around all of the primary rooms, filming the whole of the space, floor to ceiling, perhaps even the view from the window. Do consider your privacy and what can be seen on the video tour, if you have personal items or pictures you’d rather not seen online then pack them away now, it needs to be done for moving anyway.


We may also want to focus in on room features, perhaps a period fireplace, again consider what pictures may be on the mantlepiece and if the fire grate needs a little attention. Make sure all other selling features are looking their best too. Think what sort of things you'll be paying attention to when viewing for your next home.

interior design

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns before photographing or filming your property for sale, we're here to help you prepare for every aspect of selling and to make sure it's as stress-free as possible.

Updated January 2021

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