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Buying a house for the first time? The feelings of panic and excitement might be the most immediate responses that come to mind since the process can be daunting for everyone. At the same time, though how absolutely thrilling is it that you’re going to OWN a property of your very own!

We spoke to some members of our team who’ve been through the process themselves recently for some insight and advice.

It’s VERY exciting, but equally “I was in a constant state of panic most of the time”.

Stressful, nerve-jingling, frightening, scary and loonnnnggg came up more than once! It’s very common and very normal to be scared, honestly. After all, it’s a big commitment, a huge new responsibility, and it can be a very mysterious process for first-timers.

In truth it can be a challenging process, so finding the right mortgage advisor, solicitor (conveyancer), and ideally estate agent (with a move manager) will be a few ways to lessen the load and remove any undue stress. Preparation is key and the best service providers will make sure you're prepared for each step of the journey!

Don’t buy for the sake of buying.

There will always be more properties, so don’t make an offer just because you feel pressured or excited. Don’t compromise; rent instead if you're not 100% ready to buy, it’s better to take your time if possible. As one of our team said, “buy the best you can”, whatever “the best” may be for you.

Solicitors, budgets, and financial advisors.

It might sound like a cliché, but things almost always end up costing more than you expect. Get quotes and compare the level of service on offer, cheap is usually not best though, not when you're relying on professionals to provide the best advice and act on your behalf. Find reputable local providers with a proven track record ideally, ask around and you can always check their customer reviews online for reassurance. 

“I was told by a colleague that whatever I thought I would spend, double it, and however long it would take, double that.” "I'm probably biased but my mortgage advisor was brilliant, and I didn't even need a staff discount they're completely free, that was a big help" 

Saving extra money and being prepared for unexpected expenses will relieve stress should anything take a turn, that said good mortgage advisors and conveyancers will itemize most of the costs for you, as we say, preparation is key. Also, speaking to your chosen property lawyer and financial advisor should take the confusion and a lot the stress away; rely on the professionals to help guide you! 

"Find yourself a solicitor you trust who’ll take away the stress from the get-go"

With the keys in your hands

Finally, when you’ve got the keys in your hands, relax, enjoy the new home moment, for as long as you can! The satisfaction of months—maybe years—of house hunting, the back-and-forth’s, stress, the legalities, complications and budgeting.

Now, as one of our team put it perfectly, "enjoy the fish and chips on the floor, bare light bulbs, cardboard up at the window, everything you own packed away except for the kettle, but happy that you are home. In your home"

Here's some more practical tips, advice and guidance on the Ocean website, be sure to get in touch with us personally if you have any questions though!

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