Interior design trends 2023

As always there are many predictions, opinions, and influencers advising on interior trends. One thing is for sure, we have plenty of choices when it comes to decorating and furnishing our home spaces. 

It's really down to what you can imagine, and what's affordable. And whilst we'd always encourage everyone to create their personal sanctuary, sometimes it's what's most practical for the space. Here are a few trends that caught our eye for 2023.

Cocooning furniture, sexy curves 

Curves on sofas, cabinets, and even on tables are increasingly popular. They can give a lovely sleek look that is somehow a lot cosier than angular lines. Where home decor trends are concerned, cool cocooning has been gaining popularity in 2022 and looks set to continue. Squishy sofas, curvy shapes, and snuggly fabrics are very hot now. “There has been a shift in what customers are looking for some time now - more ‘homely’ comfort seating with deep cushions and more curves generally - a place to lay down as much as to sit,' says James Mair, founder of Viaduct Furniture. Comfort, cocooning, and creating the hygge of the Scandi's remains a priority for many.

Monochrome with gold

Our research is telling us Monochrome is back, combined with minimalism and gold accents. It's a relatively easy look to achieve and live with, especially in modern homes, but of course not exclusive to. And as for the gold accent, well it works particularly well in bathrooms and kitchens.

Or just gold really. It is being used as all types of accents from ceramics to wallpapers to great effect in 2023.   

Limewash walls

We should mention there's been a move towards warmer colours, that's set to continue into 2023. And so as part of this revisiting of colour plaster and limewash has started to be a design priority. As the preference for all-white spaces is beginning to fade, and even if a monochrome room is your ideal, limewash paint gives it the texture and personality stark white rooms struggle to. And if you can't paint your space, try wallpaper with a similar tone and even texture.

1960s style armchairs

A trend we picked up from Living etc., they believe armchairs have taken a little bit of a back seat (excuse their pun) over the last few years. People have been opting for a velvety sofa or similar, overlooking the beauty of a single low-level armchair. However, there’s a feeling that this is about to change as designers are bringing armchair designs to the fore. They all have something in common; inspired by 1960s lines, materials, and colors. We're not convinced they have been significantly neglected but welcome the trend if indeed that's what it is, here at Ocean we're very much in favour of a good-looking, comfortable armchair in any room. 

Hideaway home offices

Working from home is very much the norm for many people now, we've moved from kitchen table to a permanent desk and workspace. But after a year or three, some of us really need to not to view the accouterments of our job constantly. And so solutions are being found, some bespoke  - ergo expensive unless you know a great joiner, but more commonly they can be purchased off the shelf. To the unassuming eye, they'll look like a drinks cabinet, a writing bureau, or perhaps a wardrobe. But what they hide is all your work, stresses, and strains as well as adding enough space for a computer screen, a pin board, cable storage, and so on. 

Cork flooring

Forget those not-so-nice 1970s orange cork tiles, cork flooring is definitely back, and better than ever. Because of its eco credentials and the ease of sourcing it sustainably, it's actually one of the key flooring trends for 2023, available in a variety of hues. Cork has natural thermal properties so it's great for heat insulation and is certainly a much cheaper alternative to underfloor heating. It's not too hard to source now, pretty easy to lay, and really is lovely to the eye and touch. 


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