Interior design trends 2022

They'll be a multitude of lists and predictions on all manner of topics in the coming weeks, but at Ocean, we know homes, and to be successful estate agents you really need to love homes and interiors!

And so it is with genuine interest that we seek out experts and observers opinions. Let's take a look at what they say is trending for 2022.

interior design trends 2022
Transaprent interior details 

The first trend for interior design in 2022 we look at (or through...sorry!) is transparent interior details. In truth, it appeared in autumn interior design trends for 2021, but it looks like it will only grow in popularity. From transparent furniture and lighting to handmade glasses and clear glass vases that beautifully reflect their contents - in 2022, our interior is transparent.

neutral colours
Calming neutrals and natural colours

"With an ever-important focus on relaxation and wellness, for 2022, we’re forecasting interior colour trends that both combine and reinforce our connection to nature and instil a sense of cosy comfort in the home," says Catharina Björkman, Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura. "Think earthy tones like hazy greens, soft and timeless blues, soothing sandy greys, and warming muted blush hues. These nature-centric tones give a calming, serene feel to a space," she adds. 

Even though a burst of colour is predicted to be seen in our interiors in 2022, we cannot ignore the calming neutral colours that continue to promote a sense of peace and well, calm, throughout the home. Creamy white, beige and soft, earthy tones continue to stand strong in our interiors. Along with how we decorate with a focus around sustainability in terms of the materials we use and brands we shop from, a renewed interest in bringing the natural world indoors, a restructuring of our living spaces to adapt to flexible working schedules, and a nostalgic dip into our design past.

"2022 will still have an emphasis on natural and sustainability in design," says Bo Hellberg, CMO of String Furniture. "There will be a blend of retro and natural colours, beige, warm hues and various shades of green. Generally a more neutral and basic colour scheme. We will continue to want the ideal home office, equally practical and stylish." 

shades of purpleShades of purple

One colour that deserves its very own mention on the lists of trends in interior design 2022 is purple. This (occasionally) controversial colour will take over our homes next year in all sorts of shades: from soft lavender to deep, sophisticated plum purple in all its forms will be visible in one way or another throughout 2022. "A key colour trend to note is the rise of lilac in our living spaces," says designer Katherine Cohen. "As a gentle, welcoming hue, lilac will be a trending colour over the next year in interiors. For playful yet creative spaces, lilac adds bright energy to any space."

pastels80’s pastels and colour pop 

The pops of colour in our interiors for 2022 come from cool, soft pastels that flirt with the 80's and complement perfectly the calming neutral colours within the rest of our interior. For something with a stronger statement pick an accent colour that falls on the border of neon. Bring some colour into your interior through interior details made from porcelain and playful glass. It is said that this interior design trend for 2022 clearly reflects our desire for a more playful interior and everyday life, hmm? perhaps.

Or how about?
modern living

Crimson Red

"Rich and earthy crimson shade is absolutely gorgeous and will bring a touch of maturity and glamour to any room," declares James Waylett of Jacobs & Dalton."This unique shade perfectly ties in with the whole colour palette and will be the staple shade to carry through into the autumn months. We think this indulgent shade would be perfect for master bedrooms or to create an accent wall in a home study or living space."

patchwork designPatchwork design

This trend is expected to break through mainly next autumn and winter, but of course, we can already see early traces of it. Patchwork patterns give your home a beautiful sense of craftsmanship as well as the opportunity to put together something that has been damaged and allow it to become part of the look in our interior in 2022. It also allows a wonderful mix of colour.

metal finishesMetal finish

Among the materials that will take place in our interior in 2022, it appears that we are welcoming metals once again. Lamps and interior details with a metal finish feel just right next year!

wavy shapes
Wavy shapes

Organic shapes often reappear in interior design trends and in 2022 we will focus more on undulating, wavy shapes. Everything should move very smoothly or give the impression of doing so. We'll see undulating shapes in everything from how a throw falls on the sofa to cutlery and mirrors.

70s styles
A Touch of the 70s

The 90s may currently be the retro kickback in clothing fashion, but the 70s is about to make its comeback for interior design. This vintage theme will not be the bold patterned wallpaper and aubergine coloured bathroom fittings you’ve only just stripped from your grandparents’ home but instead suggestions and colour pops of burnt orange, moss greens and other warm neutrals. Items to lend these pops of brightness and patterns might still be found at local antique markets and shops and cooler 'vintage stores'. Routinely visiting these places and keeping an eye out for 70s pieces online can help you find lots of complimentary items to mix and match and provide a cool, retro style.

So there we are, a selection of finds from the 'trends' predictors, let's see...

And of course, if moving home rather redecorating is something you're considering in 2022 then we're here to help. Advice on prices, places or just some ideas on costs and processes, just get in touch with your local office, they'll be happy to help.



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