Why Trustpilot?

Ocean estate agents

What is Trustpilot? and why do Ocean use the platform? 

Trustpilot is the leading, independent customer review platform. It’s on a mission to upgrade the world by bringing businesses like ours together with customers like you, to help create ever-improving experiences for everyone. 

We’re working with Trustpilot because we want to be part of that mission. We believe people need a place to honestly share their customer experiences, so they can shape and improve their world – both for themselves and others.

At Ocean we believe in listening to those experiences so we can keep getting better at what we do. And we also believe in sharing our customer experiences with anyone interested in finding them. On a platform where reviews aren’t censored or deleted. 

Trustpilot gives us all those things and more. We’re working with them so that the world can see we are committed to our customers and creating ever-improving experiences for them. 


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