Home-buyer's survey: a better informed buying decision

Much more detailed than a valuation report, this type of survey will help you make an informed decision on whether to buy, and whether you are paying a reasonable price. It can also give you warning of any work that may need to be done after you move in - helping you budget for future costs. 

Also known as a major defects survey, it gives you red, amber and green traffic light ratings, to describe the overall state of the property.

You'll get details of all urgent defects and issues in need of attention, with advice for your property lawyers on anything they should address. Your home-buyer's report will also include a valuation report.

We'd recommend a home-buyer's report for most types of home built within the last 100 - 150 years, and seems to be in reasonable condition.

Here's a sample for you - Home-buyer's report 

Covered by your home-buyer's report:

  • Chimney stacks

  • Roof coverings

  • Rainwater fittings

  • Main walls 

  • External joinery 

  • Roof spaces, roof structure

  • Ceilings

  • Walls and partitions

  • Floors

  • Fireplaces

  • Internal joinery including kitchen

  • Bathroom fittings

  • Services 

  • Heating & hot water

  • Garage & outbuildings

  • Site & The location

  • Issues for your legal advisers

  • Valuation

  • Insurance reinstatement figure

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