Full building survey: a detailed assessment of your new home

If the property you are planning to buy is over 150 years old, or if it's unusual, in poor condition, or undergone major reconstruction or alteration, we would strongly advise you to consider a full building survey. 

This is the most comprehensive - and therefore the most expensive - type of survey. But it's the only way to ensure that you have really thorough and detailed information on every aspect of your new home's construction and condition, as well as clear advice on future repair and maintenance requirements. 

Covered by your Building survey:

  • Chimneys

  • Roof spaces/Roof structure/covering/valleys

  • Rainwater fittings

  • Main walls

  • Damp proof course/ Sub floor ventilation

  • External joinery/External decoration

  • Ceilings 

  • Internal walls and partitions 

  • Fireplaces, flues and chimney breasts

  • Floors 

  • Internal joinery and kitchen fittings

  • Internal decoration

  • Cellars/basements 

  • Dampness/Timber decay and infestation 

  • Insulation

  • Services/drainage 

  • Sanitary fittings 

  • Garage and outbuildings. Grounds, boundaries and trees

  • Wayleaves, easements and rights of way

  • Planning and environmental matters 

  • Fire/smoke detection/Security

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