Covid-secure, viewing properties

Ensuring the health and safety of our staff and customers remains our absolute priority as we market properties for sale during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ocean’s sales negotiators will assist with their usual expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to providing the best possible customer care.

We do however have to follow the strictest social distancing guidelines as set out by the Government’s Ministry of Housing and Ocean property service groups' Risk Assessments. Here are our Covid-secure working practises, if you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact us in advance of your appointment. 

14/7 update:  

The health and wellbeing of our staff, customers and wider community remain our principle focus through the course of the pandemic. Our services have been safely accessible throughout the year with many thousands of property viewings and home moves taking place, conveyances and mortgages arranged and over 10,000 applicants registered by our team. Whilst the 19th of July marks an end to the legal requirement to follow the safety measures we have in place, Ocean will continue to ensure staff and customer safety is paramount. We will maintain our protocols until such time as the positivity rate substantially falls, or where the assessed risk is reduced.

Therefore -

1. Masks must be worn by all parties during property viewings unless an exemption is in place.

2. Screening for Covid-19 symptoms for all customers prior to viewings or market appraisals

3. Viewings limited to members of one household, preferably with no more than 2 viewers at one time.

4. Property must be vacated prior to a viewing taking place with internal doors opened and lights switch on.

5. Our staff will meet clients at the property rather than sharing transport from our branches.

6. We will continue to screen our staff for Covid Symptoms and tests all staff twice weekly for Covid-19

13/4 update:

We have now relaxed the rules surrounding the number of attendees to a viewing. Children may now accompany their parents or guardians on viewings. The rule of 6 and pre-health screening will still apply.

The time spacing between viewing appointments may now be reduced where it is safe to do so. We continue avoid clients coming into contact with each other and attempt to conduct as much communication as possible remotely.

Viewing property for sale 

We are obliged to keep viewing numbers to a minimum to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Government Guidelines allow for us to judge the “seriousness of buyer intention” We must assess the proceedablity and ability of a viewer to continue to a successful completion. We may therefore ask to see evidence of a current mortgage agreement in principle prior to agreeing to view. If this is not available it is best practice for a Mortgage Check to be done via Ocean Financial Services or other mortgage advisor.

Ocean will ask whether any party is showing symptoms or has been asked to self-isolate before going ahead with any viewing, or visits to offices.

Viewings are strictly scheduled and controlled; we will not carry out any ‘open house’, ‘block’ viewings.

We strongly encourage buyers to view properties virtually in the first instance whenever possible, and only physically visit properties which they have a strong interest in.

Sellers, family & residents will be expected to vacate the premises for viewings, viewings will not take place while sellers are present unless all parties agree to do so. Ocean employees will not attend.

Viewing appointments are to be kept as short as possible preferably no longer than 10 minutes with a cut off at 15 minutes.

We must allow a minimum of 15 minutes spacing between the end of 1 appointment and the commencement of the next.

There will be no person to person contact, for example, handshaking.

Viewers are encouraged to wear face coverings prior to arriving for a viewing.

Our negotiators will accompany physical viewings where safe to do so, they will be required to maintain a minimum of 2 metres distance from others. Where social distancing is not possible, they may wear a face-covering in line with government guidance, or elect to wait outside as is their personal choice.

Sellers are asked to open front & back doors when possible, all internal doors will be opened for property viewings.

Gloves will be worn on viewings. Hand Gel will be taken on appointments.

Ocean will not drive clients to appointments.

We do need to discourage children or extended family members from attending 1st in-person viewings and any subsequent viewings possible thereafter. 

We recommend all parties wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser as soon as possible after leaving a property    

We would like to get your feedback and answer any immediate questions after each viewing, this will be outside of the property, discussions will be made at a safe distance. Our teams will, of course, be available to contact in the normal way subsequently. 

Thank you for your support.


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