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Site appraisal and planning

Making the most of your development 

Of course, acquiring the perfect site is just the beginning of the story. With our expert and highly experienced team on your side, you'll have an unfair advantage in every aspect of making the most of your development, from initial site appraisal through to a successful planning application. 

Site appraisal and design advice 

Within our core team, we have a total of over 65 years' experience advising on sites - from an initial assessment of whether a site is developable, to pricing and the most marketable mix of properties. When necessary, we use market research to test and confirm our view of what a development needs to succeed. 

We're also very happy working closely with designers and architects, helping to ensure that what you build is what the local market wants, in order to maximise saleability and profit for you.  

Planning and public consultation 

We are also highly experienced when it comes to planning, getting involved at the start of the application process - and advising on how best to satisfy the demands of the planners and, even more important, the market. 

We can connect with you top-notch planning consultants, who have worked successfully with us for many years. If necessary, we can also guide you through - and represent you at - public consultations.

It's all part of our total commitment to helping every client get the very best from every development.  

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